1. Where and how can I purchase Thermomix®?

Thermomix® is sold exclusively through Thermomix® Advisors. Buying the appliance from me, as your Advisor, you have my support and I will be there for you to answer all your questions and send you Cookidoo® recommendations. The price includes the second visit, which assures me that you are fully trained and ready to get the most out of your new appliance.

2. Can I buy Thermomix® on Allegro®?

Of course it’s only up to you where you purchase your Thermomix®  but the only legal way to buy it is through a Thermomix®  Advisor. Be aware that buying from another source can deprive you of consumer rights because the manufacturer is not liable under the warranty for physical or legal defects.

3. How many functions does a Thermomix® have?

Thermomix® has more than 20 functions in just one appliance. It can chop, blend, steam, cook, stir, whip, mill, weigh, mince, crush, mix, knead, warm up, emulsify and thicken. Moreover, Thermomix® TM6® offers new modes to make your cooking experience easier: Pre-Clean Mode, Kettle, Slow Cook, Sous-Vide, Fermentation, Egg Boiler Mode and the latest Mode of Peeling Vegetables with Blade Cover & Peeler.

4. Can I save money with Thermomix®?
Thermomix® is an investment not only in a healthier lifestyle but it also saves time and reduces waste by helping you to repurpose leftovers into a whole new meal. By preparing meals from scratch you can save a lot of money.

5.  How much does a Thermomix® cost in Poland?
Thermomix® TM6® costs PLN 5495. You can use the following methods of payment:

6. What are Thermomix® technical specifications?

Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor, 500 W rated power
Electronic motor protection to prevent overload
Heating system: 1,000 W power consumption
Integrated scales: measuring range from 1 to 3000 g
Housing: high-grade plastic material, food compatible
Stainless steel mixing bowl, maximum capacity 2.2 litres
Quad Core Processor 16 GB Flash, 1 GB DDR RAM
Power: 240 V, maximum power consumption 1,500 W
Pull-out cable, 1 m long
Height 34.1 cm
Width 32.6 cm
Depth 32.6 cm
Weight 7.95 kg 
Source: vorwerk.com

7. What is the warranty provided by the manufacturer of Thermomix®? 

Your Thermomix® comes with a 24-months domestic warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty. Together with Thermomix® you may also get the Free Repair Service (UNN) which lasts 3 years from the expiry of the warranty rights. UNN may not be purchased for commercial use of Thermomix®.

8. What is Cookidoo®?

Cookidoo® is Thermomix’s official digital recipe platform with a never-ending and constantly growing number of recipes. There are 4731 recipes in Polish language and 81629 recipes from all over the world. Cookidoo® will help you to create a weekly planner, and an online shopping list. It is a great solution for those affected by food allergies or those who avoid specific ingredients as setting up filters allows you to narrow down the results. The purchase of Thermomix® comes with 6 months of free Cookidoo® subscription.

9. What accessories are included with Thermomix® TM6?

Thermomix® TM6® comes with:

which is everything you need to start your Thermomix® cooking adventure. 

10. What is a Thermomix Friend®?

Thermomix Friend® is a companion for your Thermomix® which is connected to TM6® via Bluetooth®. You can move the mixing bowl over to
the Thermomix Friend® to continue cooking to free up your TM6® or TM5® for other recipes allowing you to do more in less time. There are
special recipes on Cookidoo® dedicated exclusively for Thermomix Friend®.  

11. My TOP 10 recipes on Cookidoo®

Cookidoo® Poland

Cookidoo® Zagranica

12. Can I use the recipes from Cookidoo® International?

Of course! All you need is an active Cookidoo® account which allows you to use all the recipes published there. Setting up a filter you can narrow the search to a specific language or country. Be sure to check out my TOP 10 recipes from Cookidoo® International!

13. Can I host a demo as a Thermomix® owner?

Of course! All you have to do is host a couple of friends at your Cooking Demo and you’ll earn a free gift if any of your guests buy a Thermomix®. You can get among others: a 6-month Cookidoo® voucher, a Thermomix® chopping board, Thermomix® accessories, kitchen gadgets and Thermomix® cookbooks.

14. Is Thermomix® helpful while adding new products to a baby’s diet?
Absolutely!, this is exactly how my Thermomix® adventure began. There are several baby-friendly collections that will take you through the stages of weaning. Check out Cookidoo® and see the examples of baby food.

15. Can I use and save my own recipes on Cookidoo®?
Yes, you can! thanks to the newest Cookidoo® feature that allows you to create your own recipes, import or modify recipes from Cookidoo®.